The World Premiere (I’m writing this in a custom-made Vera Wang gown)

January 21, 2011

I’ve had blogs in the past, but really they’ve been non-committal dalliances; flings in the world of putting thoughts on the internet (which, according to Prince, is dead, so I don’t even know why I’m doing this).

Regardless. I’m going to commit this time baby, I swear, no more lying, no more broken promises, no more nights where you lie cold and alone and blank while I’m doing other things or watching Golden Girls. Well, I’ll do things, but ONLY to generate fodder to write about in the first place. Enriching my life will be second place to writing about it for friends and people who accidentally stumble upon it while looking for some variation of (Did you mean “adelirious”?) And I will watch Golden Girls, because that show was way ahead of its time and fantastic.

…Regardless. Sometimes entries will even have a followable plotline! That is also a promise I will probably break.

The English Beat Pandora station is finally working for me, I’ve been trying Sufjan Stevens and Andrew Bird but it’s been too chill. Guess I just needed a shot of 80’s ska and reggae, which is usually the answer to a lot of problems – I should have known.

Back to the study abroad thing though, I am getting more excited by reading the Rwanda daily The New Times (online at, drinking coffee, and listening to the Madness’ “Our House”, which makes it impossible to not be excited. I will be disoriented and weirded out and overwhelmed, but I’m not the first person to have been those things, and mostly everyone has been ok. I swing more to the get-scared side of things rather than get-excited, so I guess I throw myself around a little (or a lot) because if I were to give in to my actual nature it’d be boring (so maybe my actual nature is to throw myself around).

Glad I inaugurated this blog (inblogurated?) with a quick dip into my inner psyche, therefore immediately ruining the enigmatic persona I had hoped to portray. I wish I would have inaugurated it instead with a Maya Angelou poem or Aretha Franklin singing in a neat hat.

Picture her singing this blog entry.


4 Responses to “The World Premiere (I’m writing this in a custom-made Vera Wang gown)”

  1. Jay M said

    Keep nurturing your gifted talent of putting pen to paper. Reading your writings always puts a smile on my face. Follow the famous words of Joe Dirt…”Keep on Keepin’ On!”

  2. adejarla said

    Jay, glad you’re reading and thank you!

  3. Jane (your mom's friend/classmate) said

    April, you are your mother’s daughter in so many ways — funny, smart, beautiful inside and out, a gift to the rest of the world. But YOU, all by yourself, are unique, edgy and fearless, a real trailblazer. EXCITING days ahead for you, and I’m excited for you. Looking forward to following your blog over the next few months.

    P.S. Between family, friends, work and activities, we’ll keep your mom distracted so she doesn’t worry about you so much! = )

  4. Cathy DeJarlais said

    Good for you, April! You hang in there, through the challenging moments…SO happy that you are using your yoga to “release” any tension and also have that trampoline as an outlet! 🙂 What’s that saying…what doesn’t —— you will definitely make you stronger…except for maybe the white bread! Planeloads of love to YOU!

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