Volleying the sun over to the folks in the US

February 4, 2011

Actually, it’s 2 pm there so that subject is null and void. Anyway.

Been walking around Kigali with the group of 11 other SIT folks, getting crash courses in Rwandan culture and eating food with the SIT advisors who are all neat. Stefanie, the main one, has a dog who hangs out in the classroom/office/house with us and she does not have rabies. The dog, not Stefanie.

Mostly it’s been a week of learning and hyping up our homestays (which we go into on Saturday night) and our independent study projects, which will be a month full of interviews and writing 30-40 pages on something serious.

So we get stared at for being white and everyone so far has been nice. I think kids get a kick out of us, so a school boy walked with us for a while the other day and we chatted him up in sheepish English and tried to learn a few Kinyarwanda words from him.

Oh, I’ll update more about our families and school and trips and whatnot, things are just getting started. Lovely place and lucky to be here, excited!


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