Thursday update

February 11, 2011

Another day of rollercoasting feelings and moods that only being thousands of miles away from what you know can prompt, but that is to be expected and probably a-okay in the end like a lot of things. Days consist of getting school via bus/taxi/tagisi in Kinyarwanda, crowded van things that are basically more interactive and pushy than American buses where everyone sits 100000 feet away from each other (I’m guilty of this also). I guess that just comes down to a concept of space and personal space, and since I’m pretty sure Rwanda has the highest population density in Africa, there’s not much space for anything, much less bubbles.

…Although I do have my own room in my host family’s house, which is a fun mix of a lovely decorated living room and a concrete bathroom where the water didn’t work tonight, so I took my first bucket bath/shower (as a non-infant, probably).

I need to shower becaaause I went to a bikram (hot!) yoga class at a studio our advisor/teacher goes to (in that I didn’t just stumble upon a yoga place). Anyway – awesome, I basically wrung my body dry of any sweat-like fluids and got to zone for an hour. So I got an endorphins boost, and endorphins make you happy – and happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t!

I quote.

So, yeah, floundering around various parts of Kigali being white, learning things about Rwanda past and present, having some chuckles with the homestay family. The living situations vary crazily from what I’m used to I think, or I’m just in such a different context it’s standing out more. There are Beverly Hills-ish houses and the concrete cubes with tin roofs, where the insides look like your grandpa’s cluttered garage from the ’50s and about the size. If I feel auspicious being white, I feel ridiculous walking past those in the morning.

My other ten classmates are neat and all come from different places (except the two Macalester ladies, just can’t get away from those folks even halfway across the planet – damn that global citizenship (I jest)) and all are fun to listen/talk to.

I eat a lot of rice, beans, stewed plantains, and variations on cabbage (etude in G major). Breakfast is either a thin omelette or a piece of the whitest, preservative-y-ist bread you can get (sorry Mom).

Just adjusting, somewhere between ecstatic and crazy. The yoga place had a playground with a big trampoline so that was necessary today. On the Richer scale of seismic emotional activity…I don’t know the Richter scale limits. I’m allright!


2 Responses to “Thursday update”

  1. your sister said

    1) love that you managed a Legally Blonde quote in a blog about Rwanda
    2) When you come back, can you build playgrounds around the country with trampolines?
    3) love to read your thoughts and miss you

  2. Jane (your mom's friend/classmate) said

    Enjoying your blog. And loved the comment after cabbage (etude in G major). Hilarious! = )

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