I trapped a cockroach in the bathroom

February 12, 2011

under a bucket. Hopefully that’s not how I deal with all my problems!!

Fun fact!- An alternative to the name April here is Mata, coming from the Kinyarwanda word amata, meaning milk. Rwandans call the month of April Mata since the cows typically give the most milk during that time of year. Seeing as how I dislike milk as a casual drinking beverage, I sort of wish it was ice cream, but ice cream costs a soul and a leg, so, that’s out. Moooooo.

Speaking of casual drinking beverages, we all tried banana beer today and it was tasty.

And the biggest cultural revelation so far has been this exchange between me and my host brother:

Steven: When I get on the internet, the FIRST thing I do is search Britney Spears.

Me: So yoooou’re the one always making her the number one search on Yahoo. Aaarrrgh.



2 Responses to “I trapped a cockroach in the bathroom”

  1. Cathy DeJarlais said

    BRITNEY Spears??? Really? I’m crushed. NOT as much as that cockroach though. Love from your family!

  2. Jane (your mom's friend/classmate) said

    Knowing your mother, I can see her now…packing up a gallon bucket of ice cream in dry ice and shipping it your way!

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